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Stuart Scott is a photographer based in the Scottish Borders. Born and brought up in Wales, Stuart spent much of his childhood around animals and birds, as well as exploring the local countryside where he learnt to enjoy and respect the natural world. He developed a keen interest in photography whilst studying for a Fine Art degree, and in the following years used and explored photography in his work. Since moving to Scotland Stuart has tried to concentrate his photography to within a few miles of his home. As well as following the local wildlife and exploring the Scottish Borders, he has begun a long-term project on the landscape and life of Lauderdale. Stuart's work has been exhibited in a number of places including with Scottish Natural Heritage, Edinburgh Zoo and the Scottish Sea Bird Centre. He recently won The Mammal Society's Mammal Photographer of the Year 2014 Competition. Stuart lives near Lauder with his wife and son.

Photography Competitions

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going through my image library and backlog of un-catalogued photographs. All this work is to prepare images for an upcoming project and nature festival in the Scottish borders, new submissions to a … Continue reading

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Its out of focus

Some people have asked me about the techniques I use to get the very shallow focus on some of my photographs. Certainly for some macro work I love large chunks of colour with only a small part in focus. I … Continue reading

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Pipistrelle Bats

We’ve had Pipistrelle Bats in the garden for many years and although I love watching them flying up and down on summer evenings, any photography attempts have been poor to say the least. Just stepping out of the house to … Continue reading

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Two Carnivorous Plants

There are only three types of carnivorous plants native to the UK and last weekend I spent a day by Megget Reservoir in the Scottish Borders looking for two of them … the Sundew and Butterwort. The area around Megget … Continue reading

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Scottish Borders Heather

The heather has come out well in the Scottish Borders this August, producing a great range of colours in the landscape. I managed to get quite a range of images but thought I’d post some that are slightly more abstract … Continue reading

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Some Wildflowers and Mythology

Here are some #wildflower #photos I’ve photographed recently. The Thistle, Harebell, Redshank and Rosebay Willow Herb. I got to looking up some details on the Redshank as its one plant I’ve seen numerous times and always thought it looked like … Continue reading

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August and September Workshops

Here are the details of the August and September Outdoor Photography Workshops. Contact me if you have any questions, interested in the one to one course or want to book a date.

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Sea Bird Colonies

June and July is a great time to visit a breeding sea bird colony around the UK. It can be a major assault on the senses with the smell, noise and birds coming in from all angles, but its really … Continue reading

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New Start

A new start…..and first post to this blog

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